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Industry Spotlight: Jeff Kirby

by Khashayar Mohammadi   “It’s a really lovely thing to be Kirby right now!” says the proprietor of knife I fork I book, one of Toronto’s newest hubs for poets and poetry lovers alike. Jeff Kirby’s spacious second-floor balcony looks over a lovely little garden on Church Street. After the release of his most recent [...]

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Bänoo Zan on the Diversity of Reading Series

After attending Shab-e She’r for the first time, I met with Bänoo Zan at the Green Beanery, a popular tea shop at Bathurst and Bloor, to discuss the event that, she claims, is the most diverse poetry reading series in Toronto. It was immediately clear that this soft-spoken woman, though quick to laugh, is careful [...]

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words(on)stages Spring Chapbook Launch

Chapbook launch for new titles from Adam Zachary, Pearl Pirie, and Brady Tighe (not pictured here). Also readings from authors to be published in the fall, Matthew Vanstone, Margaryta Golovchenko, and Rasiqra Revulva. Photos by Justin Lauzon

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House of Anansi Poetry Bash 2016

Poetry launch for new titles from Roo Borson, Kim Maltman, Steven Heighton, Suzanne Buffam, and Michael Crummey. More info on the collections and way to purchase them at House of Anansi.

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McClelland & Stewart Spring Poetry Launch 2016

"When you live a life of poems, you spend your days with the voice of poets." - Matt Rader.     Photos taken by Justin Lauzon on April 13, 2016.

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CanLit Today: The Golden Son is #1 and Amazon.ca shows we want to colour

Shilpi Somaya Gowda tops the Canadian bestseller list with The Golden Son (Harper Avenue). Shortly after winning both the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Award and the Giller Prize, André Alexis' Fifteen Dogs rose quickly to #5 on the list. - Toronto Star Be prepared to get out your pencil crayons, because 9/10 of this season's most wished for [...]

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EVENT Magazine’s Non-fiction Contest

EVENT Magazine is holding its 28th annual Non-fiction Contest, and you most certainly should submit. Non-fiction writing takes a remarkable talent to pull off well, requiring a keen pair of eyes and ears to marry well researched facts with sharp narrative prose. It's true that there are far fewer non-fiction contests than those for fiction [...]

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Most Anticipated IFOA Events

IFOA 36 starts today! Below is list of our most anticipated events, both free and ticketed. It’s not a coincidence that you can actually attend every one of the events we’ve picked. Go to them! IFOA is one of the most important literary festivals in Canada in both breadth and depth. If you’re short on [...]

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We’re at The Word On The Street

At The Word On The Street this year, you'll be able to visit  Lexical.ca for the first time! We can't wait to see everyone there. The new location at Harbourfront is beautiful. WHY YOU'LL WANT TO BE AT OUR BOOTH Talk to the Lexical staff about what we're planning in the coming months Go through [...]

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The Humber Literary Review Fiction Contest Spring 2016

The Humber Literary Review, a literary and arts magazine established by the English Department of Humber College, is holding a fiction contest for Canadian emerging writers* with all winning entries published in print in the Spring 2016 issue. Previous issues of the HLR have proudly included work from Karen Solie, Russell Smith, Priscila Uppal, Naben [...]

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