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Ascent Aspirations Magazine is a combination of an Online Literary Journal published monthly on-line and a print anthology published annually. The home web site is designed by David Fraser writer, editor, publisher, educator, consultant, and explorer of an eclectic variety of other stuff. Connected with Ascent Aspirations is Patricia Carroll – visual artist in paint and fibre, educator, consultant.

Since 1997 Ascent Aspirations has grown from a small electronic magazine that publishes literary, science fiction, fantasy, horror and  dark mainstream short fiction and poetry, essays, and visual art into a major presence on the web and is now also a small press publishing company.

Publishes: Science Fiction; Fantasy; Horror; Dark Main Stream

Founded: 1997
Location: Victoria, BC
Format: Online
Issues/yr: 12
Issue Price: $0.00
No awards to date
Unsolicited Submissions: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Electronic Submissions: Yes
Reading Period: All-year

Ascent Aspirations Publishing has a mission to publish aspiring writers of poetry and short fiction in the form of independent collections and anthologies. We are interested in promoting writers through posting book titles and web page links. We want to help create a connected web of writers and writer groups that helps to promote poetry and short fiction and other written forms locally and globally.

Our contests for one yearly print anthology are designed with private funding from the magazine to provide for the prizes, guaranteeing the contest. The revenues earned from the competitions will always be applied to the following years budget to offer future anthologies with prize money and contributors copies.