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Poetry Is Dead Magazine is a semi-annual publication devoted to poetry in Canada with a strong emphasis on the West Coast. It is 80 pages of poetry, art, reviews, and essays with new content coming out of Canada. Poetry Is Dead aims to promote Canadian poetry with a focus on a younger generation of poets, and to provide a bridge between the poetry readers and non-poetry readers.

Founded: 2009
Location: Vancouver, BC
Format: Print
Issues/yr: 2
Subscription Price:
$12.00 (1 year); $20.00 (2 years); $28.00 (3 years)
Different pricing for US and International subscriptions.
Our submissions change per issue, but are available at poetryisdead.ca.
Pandora’s Collective Publishers Award.
Genres Published: Poetry, Visual Art, Reviews
Unsolicited Submissions: 
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Reading Period: All Year
Response Time: 3-4 months
Payment: $25.00/poem; $25.00/review; $100.00/essay
More information coming soon.