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The Arc Poetry Society was established in December 1996 as a federally regulated not-for-profit organization. The Society’s mission statement is:

To nurture and promote the composition and appreciation of poetry in Canada and abroad, with particular but not exclusive emphasis on poetry written by Canadians;
To publish, promote and distribute Arc: Canada’s National Poetry Magazine(Arc) as the Society’s tool to nurture the work of poets in Canada;
To organize and administer awards, contests, public readings and other events that nurture and promote the composition and appreciation of poetry.



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Founded: 1978
Location: Ottawa, ON
Format: Print; Online
Issues/yr: 3
Issue Price:
Subscription Price:
Website: arcpoetry.ca


National Magazine Awards Essay Category and Poetry Category


Unsolicited Submissions: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Reading Period: September 1 – May 31
Response Time: 4 – 6 months
Payment: $40.00/print page


All submitters should refer to the submission guidelines on the Arc website and submit via our online submission manager.

Jenny Haysom: Prose Editor
Rhonda Douglas: Poetry Editor
JM Francheteau: Reviews Editor
Lise Rochefort: Associate Poetry Editor


Contests and Awards organized by Arc Poetry Magazine:
Archibald Lampman Award
Diana Brebner Prize
Poem of the Year Contest
Confederation Poets Prize
Critics’ Desk Award