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Fiction; Poetry; Non-fiction; Creative Non-fiction


[twocolumns class=”omega”]For 25 years FreeFall has maintained the same focus: bring together new, emerging, and established writers on one beautiful platform that all artists would be proud to call home to their work. They are committed to developing writers at all stages of their careers, and employ a group of volunteers that have been dedicated to correspond and educate the community in any way possible, whether it’s volunteering for events, organizing writers workshops, engaging their staff with training programs, or merely returning a friendly email.



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Founded: 1990
Location: Calgary, AB
Format: Print; Online; Audio/Video
Issues/yr: 3
Issue Price:
Subscription Price:
Website: freefallmagazine.ca


Unsolicited Submissions: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Reading Period: All Year
Response Time: 3 months
Payment: $25/poem; $10/page for prose