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[twocolumns class=”omega”]HA&L magazine reflects the ethos of a place and connects with other places through its contributors, content, and readers. HA&L’s Mandate is to provide a professional context for artists and writers across Canada through the production of a Free Open Access journal. They provide a platform for a range of creative voices from different disciplines and create a meeting place for the exchange of ideas. HA&L is operated by a collective committed to supporting an innovative and burgeoning local arts community.




Founded: 2007
Location: Hamilton, ON
Format: Online
Issues/yr: 2
Issue Price:


The Ontario Arts Council says that HA&L has the “distinction” of being the first online magazine they have funded.


Unsolicited Submissions: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Reading Period: All year
Response Time: Days to a few weeks
Payment: $10 – $15


Email back.


From the editors: “No one will take your manuscript more seriously than HA&L but we only come out twice a year and the competition for publication is immense. HA&L relies on paid membership and other revenues to produce an independent publication.”

In just 13 issues HA&L has published three Governor General’s Award winners and a Governor General’s Award nominee; an RBC Painting Competition finalist; a Giller nominee; a Canadian Poetry Association founding member; a Poetry Fellow of the Chalmers Arts Foundation; a Griffin Poetry Prize winner; a National Poetry Prize and Americas Best Book Award-winner; members of the Canadian Federation of Poets and The Writer’s Union of Canada; Hamilton Literary Award winners and Hamilton Arts Awards winners; the Writer/Editor of Maine’s Beloit Poetry Journal, Amsterdam’s Versal magazine, and Paris’ Her Royal Majesty magazine. Send your best work.