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[twocolumns class=”omega”]The Literary Review of Canada is the country’s leading forum for discussion and debate about books, culture, politics and ideas. The LRC runs lively, expert reviews of Canadian books – as well as the occasional foreign title, if on a Canadian subject or considered alongside Canadian titles on the same theme – and essays by some of the country’s most thought-provoking writers. The LRC is also proud to publish original Canadian poetry and illustrations in every issue.



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Founded: 1991
Location: Toronto, ON
Format: Print; Onine
Issues/yr: 10
Issue Price:
Subscription Price:
Website: reviewcanada.ca


Arthur Kroeger College Award in Public Discourse, 2005


Unsolicited Submissions: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Response Time: 2 – 3 business days


The LRC is always happy to hear from prospective writers and artists, who can email us at editor@reviewcanada.ca for more details about our assignment process or with specific queries.

For more info: reviewcanada.ca/submissions