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Fiction; Poetry; Visual Art; Photography; Spoken Word[/twocolumns]

[twocolumns class=”omega”]Wax Poetry and Art is a free online magazine that publishes Canadian poetry, visual art, photography, fiction, and spoken word. Featuring work by Canadian masters as well as the new generation.[/twocolumns]


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Founded: November 2010
Location: Calgary, AB
Format: Online
Issues/yr: Ongoing
Issue Price: $0.00
Circulation: 700 unique visitors/month
Website: waxpoetryart.com


Unsolicited Submissions: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Electronic Submissions: Yes
Reading Period: All Year
Response Time: 1 – 4 months
Payment: Payment is offered to contest winners, as specified.


Please visit the submission page for all necessary information.


Wax Poetry and Art started in 2010 as a small format print magazine that was funded by donations at Passion Pitch poetry shows in Calgary, Alberta. The shows and the magazine were organized and published by Calgary poet Kirk Ramdath. The magazine was a poetry experiment that found a receptive audience. Over 10,000 free print copies were distributed to the people of Calgary before the magazine switched to an online-only format in June 2014.

Wax Poetry and Art’s focus is on Canadian content in English. Regular submissions are open to residents of Canada only. We are interested in representing the widest possible range of Canadian writing and art as possible, so we welcome submissions from all Canadians, including those from marginalized communities.