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Artistic Warrior was founded in 2011 with the goal of promoting Canadian Authors. It started out as a Traditional Publishing House and now offer Team Publishing. You hire all, or some, or one of the team to get your book from idea to print. Artistic Warrior believes authors should be in charge of their books, and retain 100% of their rights and 100% of monies earned on sales. With Team Publishing – you are in charge of your book!

As experienced publishers, the team has already navigated the waters and can help you come to a decision that works best for you and your budget. They have over 40 years experience in writing, editing, publishing, layout and design, and marketing.

Publisher Guarantee: “We conduct business honestly and with integrity, and honour your creative vision. All authors are protected with a contract that gives them full rights to their works once the process is complete.”

Founded: February 2011
Darcy Nybo
Format: Paperback, E-book
Books/Year: 5
Distributors: Red Tuque Distributors
Average # of Debut Authors/Year: 5
Representative Authors: Darcy Nybo; Emma Brown; Elaine Gugin Maddex; Heather Caruso; Ted Moore; Shawnah Sky; Zaynab Mohammed; Beverly Phillips Lundgren; Fred Steele; Liz Myson; John Beaton

Query letters only. Do not send submissions.

No awards to date.
Genres Published: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction
Unsolicited Submissions: 
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Electronic Submissions: Yes
Response Time: 1 month
More details coming soon.